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What are eBooks?

eBooks are digital files of manuscripts presented (in our cae) as Portable Document Files (pdf) which can be read using the Adobe Reader The pdf files are an imprint of a fully formatted manuscript, in fact most print publishers use a pdf 'master' to assure the finished product is consistent in quality.

Why should I pay for a computer file?

Convenience. Pure and simple. Once you buy an eBook you'll receive a download link and password to reach the file. Depending on your computer's speed, you can have your book in hand - on your screen at least - within minutes. Most PDA's will accept a pdf file so you can take your book with you anywhere you go. Several books actually! And all on a device the size of a single paperback. We also permit a single printing of each file as long as the print out or the original file are not sold for profit as that is a violation of an author's copyright. While we have no way to enforce that permission, we prefer to believe in the intrinsic honesty of people - in other words, it's an honor system.

Tell the truth. aren't you a vanity publisher making money off substandard works?

Absolutely not. Our books are fully edited and re-edited, polished to become the best work possible. We do not accept a work simply to build a publication list. We do not accept work from authors who are not willing to work with us to make the book the best it can possibly be. A vanity publisher publishes anything the author is willing to pay them to publish.

The simple fact of the matter is that traditional print publishing is ruled by profitability. They are bound to accept only works that will make a print run viable and profitable. It's expensive to produce books in the traditional way. In a recent report I read that publishers are most looking for a book like the last book that made them money so many an author is doomed at the outset unless they have connections or what some editor considers the next bestseller list entry.

AI is different. We don't have to worry about print overruns or unsold copies. We can take a chance on a writer that a more traditional publisher would pass by because they don't see enough profit in publishing their work.

Print publishing

We facilitate print publishing using a print on demand service. We provide the ISBN, custom covers (unless you wish to provide your own), proofing, bookblock creation, extensive national and international distribution services (for a fee) with booksellers like Barnes & Noble and amazon, listing in Books in Print (the publication booksellers and libraries order from), Library of Congress listing (if desired), and more. You purchase books to sell from us at wholesale plus a reasonable mark-up. The profit you make per copy sold in person is far above what traditional publishing allows. The distribution copies have a lesser markup due to the discount we provide to encourage them to list titles.

We do not engage in marketing other than this website. It is up to you to set up book signings and other promotional appearances. We do, however, have marketing materials available to help including a sample press release.


AI will charge a fee for extensive editing (more than a simple proofing), cover production, and ghostwriting. Even if you don't want to publish with AI, we will perform these services for a fee. Just contact us to discuss terms and fees.