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Editorial policies and services - Here's the fine print

1 - We do not work with people who are not willing to work with us. If you think your book is perfect as is and don't feel you can accept constructive criticism, you might want to look elsewhere for a publisher. It may well be perfect, but in our experience an author who is unalterably convinced of that perfection may not be someone we want to work with and vice versa.

2 - We understand stylistic writing. The thing about making a style successful is knowing what rules you are breaking. We aren't grammar police by any means, but we will do a grammar/usage edit and make suggestions for improvement. For works needing extensive editing or even ghost-writing, see our Editing and Cover Services Page.

3 - Copyright infringement. And this is a big one. We demand our writers sign a waiver as part of their contract that the content of their work is solely their own. Do not submit work to us that is, in essence, fan fiction taking place in a recognizable 'universe' with only character names changed. The same policy extends to included art, do not copy another's artwork and submit it as part of your book. Do not send drawings or paintings of real people represented as characters of your book.

4 - Don't send work that promotes intolerance. We will not publish it.

5 - Don't send work that could be construed as 'hate material' or that is libellous in any way toward individuals or groups.

6 - Don't send work that you do not have full authority to publish as your own. In the case of biographies, we'll ask for a notarized and legally binding document between author and subject giving permission to publish.

7 - We don't mind poetry, but be aware the market is not as supportive of poetry as for fiction and non-fiction.

8 - Be aware that photo books are wonderful for eBooks, but extremely cost prohibitive for print on demand. The finished printed product will be very expensive.


AI will charge a fee for extensive editing (more than a simple proofing), cover production, and ghostwriting. Even if you don't want to publish with AI, we will perform these services for a fee. Just contact us to discuss terms and fees.