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Submissions Policies

1 - We suggest an inquiry letter before you send us anything. It helps us get to know one another and can also save time and trouble if our philosophies do not mesh.

2 - We further suggest you read the sample contract linked below in order to fully understand our expectations - and what we will and will not do for you.

3 - Understand that we do not take ownership of your work at any time. We strongly suggest you apply for a registered copyright and will do everything in our power to help you enforce it.

4 - Submit work the first time only as a Word or text document. Do not send a .zip file, we will delete it unopened.

5 - As stated in the editorial policies, do not send us works containing promotion of intolerance or hate, do not send us vast moral or religious essays, do not send us work that is derivative in any way of anothers' work, do not send us work you do not fully and legally possess all rights to.

Sample contract (in PDF format)