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Title: The Point
Date: June 16, 2001
Status: Complete
Author: Jmas
Category: Drama, angst
Rating: PG-13
Archive: Stargate Fan, Heliopolis, Belle, Place of Our Legacy
Spoilers: The Light
Summary: Hammond gets the point.
Author's note: Another of the missing scenes or tags for season 4 I promised to the HC list.
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The Point

By Jmas

‘It’s beyond me how a person in power - like yourself - can miss the point entirely….’

I’ll admit those words pissed me off royally. If things hadn’t developed as they did, young Dr. Jackson and I would have had a long discussion courtesy of my carpet. Knowing the words and the desperate exhaustion in his eyes were a symptom of that light though, makes me ashamed that we did miss something, missed seeing how bad things were until it was too late. Four men dead, and one coming so close as to almost make no difference.

I’ve never seen Jack O’Neill so personally shaken as when he hauled ass back here with Dr. Jackson. His report was steady enough but his eyes refused to settle in any one place, returning most often to the closed infirmary doors I knew better than to try to ask him to leave.

SG1 is the tightest team I have ever seen, and if it were any other four individuals involved I’d worry about that closeness. The truth is each of them has strengths and weaknesses and quirks that are somehow enhanced by the others…creating a balance that shouldn’t be possible. Not only is it possible, but time and again I’ve watched it pull off miracles to benefit Earth.

I almost thought SG1 had used up its miracle supply this time. Waiting long hours for word on whether Dr. Jackson had survived or not were some of the longest of my life; a lot like the hours spent waiting for the doctor’s to pull Tessa through when she was hit by that car, or the hours spent waiting for my wife and my father to lose their respective battles and leave me.

Just about everyone in this command is my family now, but most especially SG1. They’re like my wayward children, the prodigals and prodigies who need a small, extra touch. Not completely regulation, but what about SG1 is? If I’ve learned nothing else in my time in this command, I’ve learned a certain measure of flexibility….and Daniel knows it. Even the poor quality of the MALP video showed the honest embarrassment and shame in his eyes when he apologized for yelling at me. Interesting that he remembers that, but not what came after - a blessing really if he never does. The boy’s got enough on his plate without adding the memory of an artificially induced suicidal depression. With luck and a little help from all of us, maybe he’ll never completely remember… but if it does he won’t face it alone.

Teal’c says his team is doing well. ‘Daniel Jackson’ is obviously tired, definitely contrite and not a little confused. They have three weeks, and I have no doubt the people who come back through the gate then will be even closer than ever. Which is a good thing. For the SGC, for them…hell, even for me.

A man needs all the family he can get.







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