Jmas Fan Fiction

Dammit, Daniel - My first SG1 story ever. Jack 's what he does...
The Fire Inside - From a challenge by Yum@ to fathom the reason for Daniel's new haircut. Hamlet was not an option
Checkmate - Tag for Legacy, not one of my personal favorites, but I was young and still learning.
Walls - A standalone tale of friendship and understanding.
Windows and Walls - a sequel to Walls - makes a certain kind of sense, doesn't it? ;)
The Last Time I Died - Smallish story refelcting on Daniel's propensity for dying, and the myriad ways in which humans 'die'.
A Step Beyond - A missing scene for One False Step, the long walk back to the gate. Jack pov
Another Step Beyond - A companion to the above, Daniel pov.
Scars - A reflection on the things that mark us for life....
Simple Gifts - A story of friendship, simple gifts of time.
A Brand New Game - a tag for Gamekeeper, the game isn't over yet...
Spirit Dance - A challenge response story. The hills, er, trees are alive...sort of.
Day After Day - A story initially written prior to Forever in a Day. Adjusted afterward to take into account actual events. Daniel takes the loss hard, and the trouble doesn't stop there.
Day's End - A sequel to the above story. Daniel recovers, but trouble, as usual, finds him and Jack.
The Hunting Fields - A very lengthy tale. Ver y old debts come due, bringing trouble for SG1.
The Gift - My first Christmas story. Daniel is determined to give Sha're a gift.
Pieces of Clarity - A wee bit o' smarm, indulge me.
In Time of Need - A tag/missing scene to Need (written with Pho)
The Devil to Pay - A tag to The Devil You Know. Wherein we indulged our slave Daniel tendencies and brought back an old friend of SG1's...(written with Pho)
Where Roads Meet - Another lengthy tale. Daniel undertakes a mission alone that doesn't quite go as planned.
Happenstance - A wee bit of, um, stuff....
Hand in Hand - A collaborative story with Jb, wherein we attempted to build an experience steeped in sensation.
Sources of Light - A reflective Jack. Scary stuff....
Intimate Hearts: Charity - Part of the Intimate Hearts series. Reflections on friendship and the nature of charity.
Intimate Hearts: Hope - Part of the Intimate Hearts series. Hope survives...
Intimate Hearts: Forgiveness - Part of the Intimate Hearts series. Friends forgive....
Intimate Hearts: Respect - Part of the Intimate Hearts series. Respect endures.
Home - Missing scene falling between Nemesis and Small Victories
Storms of Life - Tag to Shades of Grey. Rebuilding the foundation....
Small Drops - And now for something completely different....
The Book - Tag to Crossroads. A little Teal'c comfort.
Spaces of the Dark - A little gift smarm...angst-o-rama
Sympathy for the Devil - A tag to The First Ones.
Beyond the Surface - A tag to Beneath the Surface
Darkening the World - The events of Scorched Earth left me with many issues to resolve...and Jack too.
A Blessing and a Curse - A tag for The Curse...surprise
I Know a Few ...People - Another tag for The Curse. Don't we love challenges?
And Bring Us Home Again - Another Christmas tale, Daniel feeling adrift after losing Sha're.
Shadows of Time - A tag to Windows of Opportunity.
Night Watch - A Prodigy tag, sort of....
Shadows in a Mirror - A sort of tag to 2010.
So Far from Real - A tag to Double Jeopardy...Do we still love challenges?
No Divides - A missing scene for Divide and Conquer. Not that kind, either...
Oz - A missing scene to Tangent.
Counting the Dead - A tag to Watergate
The Point - Hammond's thoughts, post The Light.
Too High a Price - Jack does some thinking post-The Other Side
A Handful of Dust - A culmination of events in Absolute Power, still awaiting a sequel.
Distant Chains - Jack worries as he heads back to SGC post-Chain Reaction.
No Warranties - A tag for Upgrades. Still like challenges?
Neither a Borrower - A tag for Serpent's Venom.
Unity - A missing scene from Entity, from a unique point of view.
Counterpoint - A geek comparison, post-Point of No Return
Miles from Nowhere - A tag, sort of, from Exodus....
In the Palm of my Hand - A tag to Between Two Fires. Sam comfort, ala Jackson.
A Hell of a Day - released zine story- A tag to The Devil You Know, the trip home.
A Place in the Heart - released zine story- My first zine story. Daniel has many talents...
Amid the Silence - Christmas story, team smarm...
Without His Wings - Meridian tag - Likely my first, last and only canon treatment of this episode
To Endure Burning - released zine story - Following the events of The Light.
Much Abides - A long time ago in a galaxy not so very far away. Meridian fix, fix of S6 canon, Daniel-inclusive
Heart of Darkness - My first SG novel. The team returns to the Nox world to find things are definitely not all they seem.
Mercy Season - The sequel to Heart of Darkness. The events on the Nox planet leave behind a warning. Will the team figure it out in time to save Daniel?
These Walls of Time - a bridge between Full Circle and Fallen.
But Never Forgotten - A tag for Fallen/Homecoming. Welcome home, Daniel.
Doubt and Faith - Menace tag, foreshadowings of Meriidian

Architects of Fate - A disaster gives all of SG1 pause to contemplate the nature of friendship, family and team

Some Things Never Change - Christmas 2003, and Jack reflects on Daniel's return and the importance of not taking things for granted.
Gate of Breath - released zine story. Follows on Forever in a Day and how Daniel is dealing, or not dealing, with Sha're's death.
In Solitude - released zine story. Jack spends quality time with Daniel.
Wealth of a Soul - released zine story. Covers the story behind Daniel's appendicitis. Jack gets a front row seat.
There is a Silence - A lesson learned the hard way, shadings of Meridian, following on the perceived divide between Jack and Daniel in Menace.
Raising the Gate - Daniel and Jack reconnect under unusual circumstances
Poetry and Hums - Daniel questions why he returned from Oma-land. Somewhat anti-ship.
A;; These Years - Jack will always have a home in Colorado
Splintered - An altered reality look at a moment in the gateroom and what might have been.
Remember When - Moments to remember, a look back
Landscapes - So many gates, so little time...
Vindicated - My first ever Little Daniel story. Jack touches something, Daniel pays a price




























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