Click on images to see larger versions and details. Contact me at jmasg1 (@) roadrunner (dot) com with any items you'd like. We'll work out shipping costs, etc. Items will be removed as they are sold.

Fannish Items for Sale

Sci Fi Magazines $2 each

Starlog & LotR book

$3 each

Verbatim magazine - Stargate, Highlander, Firefly content - $5

Cinescape - Xfiles, ST, SG1 content - $3

Hollywood Reporter - Save Daniel Jackson ad


SciFi mags - $2 each

Science Fiction Age, $3. Starlog - Xmen, SG1 content, $3

Daniel Jackson photo in plastic - $3

Concept art from SG1 (from Legends Memorabilia):

A - $10

Concept art from SG1 (from Legends Memorabilia):

B - $10

Concept art from SG1 (from Legends Memorabilia):

C - $10

Concept art from SG1 (from Legends Memorabilia):

D - $10

Criminal Minds Novels - unread - $3 each

Variety Magazine w/ Save Daniel Jackson ad - $10

2 Anime magazines - $1 each

Terror of the Autons novel, showing its age - $2

SciFi mag, pirates, SG1 content - $2

Snow Leopard plate, $6

Serenity Graphic novel, mint - $5

Walking Dead, We Remain - $5

Framed pic of Daniel Jackson in Egypt - $3

Nikon L110 digital camera - $120

Find specs here

Signed print zines of any Jmas or JayEm zine - $30


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$5.00 Donation to aid the Ancient's Gate website - Just increase the unit amount if you wish to donate more. Thank you so much.