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This is a special treat for our Ancient's Gate readers. Author's Choice is exactly what it says, the best of SG1 gen picked by the writers themselves. It's a set of zines containing previously published, online works by authors such as Eilidh17, Carlyn, iiiionly, Annie, Lyn, Fig Newton, Nancy, Lady Grey, Devra, Marzipan77, Storyhaus, Jb, Jmas, Tallulah, Carrie, Ellijay, Tiv'ester, Flatkatsi, Lorraine, DennyJ, and Pinkridz. Some have also been re-edited. Zines are web formatted with .7 margins all around, 12 pt Book Antiqua font. Art by Eilidh 17, Magnavox, KJ and JayEm. Stories range from PG to NC17/M

Volume 1 - 114444 words, 253 pages

Daniel-I-Am by Sheila Paulson - Left behind and unable to remember, Daniel is in grave danger.
Veritas by Eilidh17 -You can tell the same truth a hundred times and your story will never change.  But a lie?  
Lead Me Home by taylyn10 - After being tortured, Daniel struggles to find his way home.
The Price of Knowledge by Nancy R - Jack rescues Daniel and brings him home.
Battlefields by Ellijay - A lot can happen in just a few days.  When Daniel is missing in action for more than a week, Jack learns just how true that is. Rated R

Strategic Differences by Jb - Daniel is left behind, finds himself in a dangerous situation, and facing a cultural dilemma

Volume 2 - 98004 words, 255 pages

Hanging by a Thread by Jb - An accident on a mission leaves two lives, and more, hanging by a thread..
The Gift of Tears by iiiionly - Combine one sleep-deprived, exhausted, civilian archeologist, a special-ops-trained Air Force Colonel determined to get said archeologist to sleep, and M. Night Shamalyan type nightmares, and you have a recipe for a disaster waiting to happen
Bereft by iiiionly - This story bookends The Gift of Tears.  Daniel only wants space; Jack refuses to leave him to grieve alone. 
Snow on the Equator by Tallulah Rasa - Daniel is in high demand
Darkening the World by Jmas - The events of Scorched Earth left many issues to resolve
Sweetness Follows by Carrie - Arrom becomes Daniel, and it’s not the easiest transition in the world.
Drifting on the Wind as Light as a Feather by Pinkyridz - SG1 return to Abydos a year after the death of Daniel's wife and a stand storm leave them stranded with one very sick teammate.


Volume 3 - 162455 words, 315 pages

Patefactio by DennyJ - ’Revelation’. At the end of The Ark of Truth, the team is celebrating the defeat of the Ori. Geared up and headed through the gate to P3K-546, they find that the fallout from that battle may not be over.

Best Intentions by Marzipan - (novel) Set during the 10th Season of SG-1, the team is desperate for information that will lead them to Merlin's weapon, and for allies to assist them in their struggle against Adria and the Ori. You all know what's paved with good intentions, don't you?


Volume 4 - 111676 words, 273 pages

Entombed by Carlyn - Injured and alone, Daniel must find a way out of his prison before it’s too late.
Unwinding the Cloth by Marzipan77 - Daniel the Prior has wrenched control from the anti-prior device, beamed Woolsey to the SGC and beamed Jack up onto the Odyssey where he is alone on the bridge.
The Labyrinth by Lyn - Searching for an injured Daniel in a strange maze, the team is stalked by an unknown violent creature.
Tangled Web by Eilidh17 - After his return from ascension, Daniel falls prey to a trap. Set in season 7
Day and Night, Story One by Lady Grey - A day in the life of SG-1-- Teal'c's birthday -- seen through the eyes of all four members of the team.
Day and Night, Story Two by Lady Grey - Following the opening of a major SGC memorial, Daniel struggles with his dual identity as the Man in Black and risks his life to shed that alter-ego.

Volume 5 - 96923 words, 257 pages

Five Times SG1 Left Daniel Offworld by Eilidh17 -
Seat of Power by Storyhaus - The transition of power is a bit rocky
Architects of Fate by Jmas - A disaster gives all of SG1 pause to contemplate the nature of friendship, family and team
Here We Go Again by Tiv’ester - While Daniel is still recovering from the near-fatal mission to Kelowna, Anubis attempts to destroy the Stargate with an Ancient's device. Can Jack, Daniel, Sam and Teal'c stop him before all life on Earth is gone? An AU version of “Redemption.”
Another Day at the ‘Office’ by Tiv’ester - It's Daniel's first mission after recovering from the naquadria radiation poisoning. Jack wanted the first mission the team was on to be easy, but since when does anything work right for our motley crew of intrepid explorers?
A Leg to Stand On by Storyhaus - A tragedy shakes up SG1 old and new. R

Volume 6 - 89160 words, 257 pages

Five Crossovers That Didn't Happen to SG-1 by Fig Newton - : Five crossovers that didn't happen to SG-1 because they traveled in time to 1969 instead of some other era in Earth's past (or future).
Orders by Annie -
The Hard Part of Diplomacy by Annie -
Alone On a Wide Wide Sea by Flatkatsi - Three members of SG-1 embark on a journey they never wanted to take.
O'Neill Interrupted – an interlude by Flatkatsi - Jack travels a much longer road on his way home from Harry's moon.
Shadows of Fear by Flatkatsi -
Jack’s Fangtastic Adventure by Flatkatsi - Not all doggy creatures like Jack, unless it’s as an entrée.

Military Exchange by Lorraine Anderson - Jack and Sam switch places in an unexpected way


 Note: I asked a lot of authors to contribute but did not hear back from all of them. If you are a writer, please don't be offended if you feel I didn't include you... I probably tried and, despite monumental effort, am only human. ;) If you are a reader and your favorite isn't included, see the above and remember some writers are inordinately modest and insecure (yes, I'm talking to you) folk who didn't feel comfortable with picking a personal 'best', but also write and tell me and I'll add it to a list for a possible second volume later on. Maybe a Reader's Choice. ;)

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