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This is a special treat for our Ancient's Gate readers. Author's Choice is exactly what it says, the best of SG1 gen picked by the writers themselves. It's a multi-volume set of at least five 300 page (or more) , 100k plus (on average) word zines containing previously published, online works by authors such as Sunrise, Goddess Athene, Livengoo, Devra, Joag, babs, Fabrisse, Brionhet, Nicci, Jennamajig, One of Aradia, DebA, Lady Grey, Kalimyre, iiionly, Tiv'ester, Debi C, Ellen Caldera, Scribe, Lex, Travelling One, Hawk50, Kiva, Jmas, Graculus, Corby, Nancy R., Sistine, Sam Walker, Moonshayde, and more. Each story will have at least 3-5 pieces of art tailored to the individual story. Some have also been re-edited. Zines are web formatted with .75 margins all around, 12 pt Book Antiqua font.

Volume 1 - 155, 374 words, 367 pages

Widowing Field by Sunrise

The Other Side of the Coin by Nicci

Broken Arrow by Joag

Some Pain Stays by Jennamajig

Dark by Goddess Athene

Vows by Devra

Just Your Average Barbecue by OneofAradia

The Auction by Hawk 50

Tough Kid by Fabrisse

The Box of Dreams by babs

The Soul Senses by Carrie

Volume 2 - 128, 147 words, 318 page

Hardwired by iiionly

Daniel Jackson, Accidental Hero by Lady Grey

Hidden Malice by DebA

Chicanery by Kalimyre

A Rock and a Hard Place by Sam Walker

Acts of Gods & Colonels by Livengoo

Volume 3 - 132, 849 words, 306 pages

Katsuo by Brionhet

The Battle Royal by Tiv'ester

Cat's Cradle by Corby

Storms of Life by Jmas

Steep Descent by Jb


Volume 4 - 158, 898 words, 385 pages

Four for the Price of Children by Travelling One

Echoes of Autumn by Moonshayde

Flashback by Ellen Caldera

True Foundations by Scribe


Volume 5 - 148, 329 words, 358 pages

Nor Iron Bars by Lex

Choose Your Battles by Brionhet

Hand in Hand by Jb & Jmas

Hard Lessons & Hobbits by DebiC

Fallen, My Child by Sistine

The Deft Heart by Graculus

Together by Nancy Richardson

Clutch by Kiva


Note: I asked a lot of authors to contribute but did not hear back from all of them. If you are a writer, please don't be offended if you feel I didn't include you... I probably tried and, despite monumental effort, am only human. ;) If you are a reader and your favorite isn't included, see the above and remember some writers are inordinately modest and insecure (yes, I'm talking to you) folk who didn't feel comfortable with picking a personal 'best', but also write and tell me and I'll add it to a list for a possible second volume later on. Maybe a Reader's Choice. ;)

 Available now!.

Downloadable version of all zines in PDF, individual files for easier download or combined on request.

$20.00 Worldwide

*Download instructions will be sent by email once payment is received.

 Multi-volume set on one CD in PDF

$23.00 US
25.00 USD Canada & Overseas

Or if you just want one or two volumes:

Indicate which zine you want in notice section of order process

Individual volumes - 8.00
Individual volumes on CD, US - 12.00
Individual volumes on CD, CA/Overseas 17.00

Print Zines

Print zines are exactly like the downloadable ones except interior art will be black & white due to cost and labor constraints.

Individual zines, please indicate which zine you want in notice section of order process.

37.00 US
50.00 Canada & Overseas

Zine Sets - all 5 volumes

180.00 US
236.00 Canada & Overseas

*Print zines are available for delivery to some conventions which saves postage. Please contact me if you're interested.

*All prices include shipping and handling. Please allow up to 2 weeks for domestic and three weeks for Canada/overseas delivery.

**Hotmail users contact me if you don't receive your download information within 24 hours. If buying multiple zines, contact me for postage adjustment.**

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