A Friend in Need

When one of our fandom friends, Holdt, became terribly ill and had to be admitted to the hospital it was only the beginning of a difficult and fearful time for her and her family. The idea to help was born on one the yahoo groups Holdt belongs to and, like wildfire, it spread through fandom and helping hands were offered to put together these fanzines to help Holdt and her family so they can make it through this difficult phase of their lives. You will be treated to 3 slash and/or 1 gen zine packed with lots of wonderful stories and art, contributed by some of the best known writers of the fandom in both the slash and gen genre. In addition to the zines you will find a link in them to a vidding project we set up for Holdt to send her our love and to make more people aware of her situation and let everyone know how to help. Most stories rated 18. 12 pt Book Antiqua, .75 margins.  

A Friend in Need - Slash

Volume 1 - 107102 words, 276 pgs

Friendship, Gratitude, New Beginnings (3 Drabbles) By Holdt – Jack doesn't get it, things don't go as expected, but then it doesn't take much to make it all right

And a Week by Gatesmasher In this tag for ‘A Hundred Days,’ Jack and Daniel have vastly different ideas about what needs to happen after Jack gets back from Edora.

Witness by BlueLotus It's the year 1893, and 24 year old Daniel Jackson, respected scholar and teacher in New York City, suddenly finds his world turned upside down when he becomes a witness to a murder. Fearing for his life, he flees NYC and ends up in a small town in Colorado, where he tries to build a new life for himself with the help of his new friend, Jack O'Neill. Eventually the two find love together, and start to settle down. But what happened in NYC isn't forgotten, and Daniel once again fears for his life...

Vacation Revelations by Shazz!!! and WordGeek After a mission Daniel needs time to recover and Jack wants to help. The results aren’t quite what either of them expects.

Sauce for the Goose  by SGDiva Jack learns that Daniel doesn’t share well with others.

I can by SGDiva There is something keeping Jack and Daniel apart. Daniel is the only one who can resolve it.

Aerial by spacewolfcub Soon after meeting the Asgard for the first time, SG1 is sent on a simple recon mission: they have to hike for a couple of weeks across a canyon, climb a few hundred feet to an abandoned castle, snoop around, and come back. Piece of cake. But when two of the team are hit by an alien bug their only chance of getting help is to leave behind two of their own and hope Janet can come up with a cure in time. When all is said and done, will the even want to be cured?


Volume 2 - 109262 words, 273 pgs

Sleeping Beauty by Spacewolfcub Jack falls in love despite his own fears. Will Daniel ever wake up to the truth?

Words and Silences By marzipan77 Picking up where Menace ends, Daniel is left kneeling over the lifeless body of yet another he has failed to save. Maybe it's the concussion, or maybe the weight of death has broken something in Daniel's heart but he can't help seeing another woman lying there; one with long dark hair and the scent of the desert on her skin. Another woman he cared about whose life was ended at the hands of a friend. And Jack is stuck in a 'no man's land' of his own creation - too close to Daniel for comfort, and yet pushing him too far away with scorn and sarcasm. And something's gotta give.

Leaving  Colorado by Annie After being sidelined from SG1 by an injury, Daniel still finds something in his life worth having.

Suitably Seductive by AnnO Poetry Rated R

A Question of Timing by jdjunkie Daniel’s breath and warmth and skin are where Jack lives.

Stroke of Luck by Carlyn Jack and Daniel disagree. Luck decides the winner.

Rare Gem by Carlynt It doesn't take long to realize how special Daniel is

Rejection and Revelations by Fryasboy: Daniel gets the wrong answer from his question to Jack, and decides to make a new life on his own. Jack goes after him to figure out what the issue is and gets hit by the clue bus.

Wait no More by Freyasboy Will Jack’s impulsive action mean an end to the friendship between him and Daniel?

I Love You, Jack by darcy & Anne: Daniel says the words – where will they take it from here?

Kiss of Death by darcy & iiiionly Daniel needs a break, Jack panics - slightly

Avalanche by Princess of Geeks One fall leads to another.

A Walk in the Snow by Princess of Geeks Daniel has told the team that he's leaving Colorado Springs for the Christmas holidays to visit Chicago. Daniel has lied. Jack discovers why, and a lot of other things, too.

Heartbreak Hotel by Berty Daniel's feeling happy and chatty. Jack's feeling surprised. No one cares how the llama feels.

Two Men in a Tent Berty: Trapped off-world, our heroes have to find a way to pass the time and avoid an untimely end by spoon.


Volume 3 - 117208 words, 273 pgs

Restless in Redwing by lds: The very engaged Daniel becomes fascinated with a man he has never met

In Their Own True Way by lds: Daniel was sure that this qualified as one of those things he should've been told.

Of Hookers and Hieroglyphs by Toasted Toad: Jack doesn’t do relationships. Is Daniel prepared to meet him on his own terms? And what has Daniel stumbled upon in his research that makes the military so interested in him?

Right of Action by Paiany: The aliens are making them do it, and Daniel can't talk their way out of this one.

Manhunt by pinkdiamonds: In order to secure a trade agreement, Jack must 'hunt' Danie

Take It Slow, Make It Last by Winifred: After “Divide and Conquer”, can Jack fend off Carter and find his way back to the one he really loves?

IF I by iiiionly: Jack finds it difficult to live in a no-Daniel zone

First Contact By iiiionly: Jack and Daniel kick it up a notch

A Quiet Catastrophe by Panther A quiet weekend threatens to end in disaster before it’s begun when Daniel walks in on a robbery.

Feeling A Bit Down by Manic Mea & Holdt: Daniel needs help Jack is there to support him

Dichotomy by Lesasaur: Daniel is incapacitated during a mission and begins to be strangely dependent on his teammates.

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A Friend in Need Gen

98468 words, 238 pages

Otakai by eilidh17:  A case of mistaken identity?  Daniel is forced to prove himself when a past he can no longer remember comes back to haunt him.  Set in season seven between Evolutions and Heroes.

A Spider’s Thread by DennyJ: Episode tag to Menace.

Journey’s End by KellethMetheus: The road to the gate is long when you're wounded and alone.

Inbox by Kay Vegas: Missing scene for the Stargate SG-1 movie, “Continuum”

The Sound of Shattered Glass by Magnavox:  What Daniel was doing after Bregman left with the tape.   Spoilers for Stargate - The Movie, The Gamekeeper, Forever in a Day, Heroes.

In Hiding by Lyn:  Tag to Lifeboat.  The very talented Holdt created a vid based on this story. If you'd like to see it:

Vala Unbound by eilidh17:  How exactly did Vala end up in the Super Soldier’s suit? A prequel to “Prometheus Unbound”

Lost and Found by Debbie:  AU twist on season 8’s Endgame.

Lazarus Awakened by Magnavox:  There really is a hot alien girl on every planet.  Spoiler for Cold Lazarus.

Wingman by DennyJ: Things are strained between Jack and Daniel after the events on Euronda. They're about to get even more strained.

Bereghinya by Carlyn: With Daniel at an emotional low point following his failure to bring Sha’re back from Abydos , Jack arranges an easy mission to help him regain his balance. As they soon learn, Jack is not the only one watching out for Daniel.

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