Ancient Musings Vol 1

A multi-genre zine from the authors of the Ancient Musings site. 281 pages.


Life, Jack, but not as we know it by Cancer

Fuel for our Journey by Denny J

Insula Solum by Denny J

Crellum Mare by Eilidh17


Grace in a Storm of Love by AnnO

Bolt from the Blue by Carlyn

Ripples of the Soul by Carlyn

Five Times Daniel Jackson Trusted by Marzipan


A Sleeping Child by Amberfly

Beans and Me by Amberfly

The Captor and the Captured by Amberfly

Daniel and Ali Baba by Amberfly

Daniel and Mrs Browning by Amberfly

Teal'c andn the Tot by Amberfly

The Wishing Tree by Amberfly

The Wriggler's Night Before Christmas by Cancer

DD and Dak by Pat Kat

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