Images: A Jack & Daniel Celebration - Zine/CD package

This 253 page zine contains full sized versions of many of the manips I've used in the zines over the past couple of years as well as some that never made the final cut. Ratings range from G to NC17. The manips I do are never extremely graphic, but do show images of two men expressing love for each other. Images are sorted under the following headings: Pages are 14 x 8.5 inches with .75 margins to allow for maximum enlargement and uniform aspect.

Beautiful Boys - individual shots of our beautiful boys - Jack and Daniel.

Canon with a Nudge - Using canon caps with slight alterations

Alternate Realities - Jack as Robin Hood? Costner never looked so good.

Hair, There, and Everywhere - Amazing what a new 'do will do for a guy

Naked - Tastefully nude beautiful lads

Nekkid - Which, as we all know, is naked with intent

Everything Else - Shots that don't quite fit any other category

Included in this package is a CD of 20 of JayEm's best JD vids, including one done from these manips that had never and will never be available for public download.

Please be aware that this package download will be very large, probably several hundred mb due to the size of the videos. I'll zip the finished files into two or more separate downloads. All files will be included on a single disk for disk orders.

Available now!

Downloadable version of the zine ONLY (no videos) in PDF

$8.00 Worldwide

*Download instructions will be sent by email once payment is received.



Downloadable version of zine and music videos in PDF and WMV (if you have download issues with too many large files, I will split the order so you can download the zine and get the music videos on disk, just let me know)..

$15.00 Worldwide

*Download instructions will be sent by email once payment is received.


Zine/Video package on CD in PDF and WMV

$20.00 US
25.00 USD Canada & Overseas

Print Zines

This zine will not be made available in print due to the extreme cost of producing the images in color. If you're interested in a black/white version, contact me and we'll talk.

*All prices include shipping and handling. Please allow up to 2 weeks for domestic and three weeks for Canada/overseas delivery of CD zines. 4-6 weeks for delivery of print zines.

**Hotmail users contact me if you don't receive your download information within 24 hours. If buying multiple zines, contact me for postage adjustment.**

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