JoaG 3 Gen

This great gen volume contains some of Joag's great stories. Several are novella length. 127095 words, 295 pages. .5 margins, 12 pt Book Antiqua.

Stories included:

Broken Arrow - One drugged, one injured, Jack and Daniel attempt to make it to the Stargate before their team mates walk into an ambush
Dreams - SG1 is captured by aliens, and are forced to watch as Daniel is subjected to unknown tests 
The Hunted - Daniel is hunted offworld by a madman, can Jack find Daniel in time to save his life?
What's that Smell? - FNF Challenge No. 33 from the Alpha Gate
Shadow Chasers -  Trapped offworld, SG-1 is faced with terrified inhabitants who believe the visiting humans have brought demons to their world
New Tricks - An early mission, Hammond isn't quite sure what to make of Doctor Daniel Jackson
The Lost One - An AU fic where Jack O'Neill has taken the job of Sheriff of Tok'ra Flats. Daniel Jackson, raised by Indians as a young child, is Jack's good friend and blood brother. Deputies Daniel, Sam and Teal'c help the Sheriff protect the small town from all sorts of nasty varmints like the Goold brothers




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