JoaG 4 Gen

This gen volume contains 9 of Joag's great stories. Several are novella length. 117895 words, 266 pages. .5 margins, 12 pt Book Antiqua.

Stories included:

Practicing Christmas - An angsty, H/C Christmas Story                                                                             
Sleepless in Chicago - Jack and Daniel visit Jack's parents                                                                               
Coterie - a mysterious relic endangers the lives of SG1 while bringing them together to a level they never expected.
Of Men and Trees - Follows "Torment of Tantalus", the team get into trouble                                                                                  
Missing Scene to The Serpent’s Lair - What happened during the time Jack and Daniel reunited at the SGC                                                    
Angels' Kisses - Daniel struggles to save Jack from a fall to the death
The Birthday Gift -  It's Jack's birthday                                                                                  
The Sweater - What Daniel's cream coloured sweater means to him                                                                                            
Stuff that Jaffa are made of - Daniel undergoes an ancient Jaffa ceremony                                                                   





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