JoaG 6 Gen

This particular volume contains some of Joag's great gen stories. 119939 words, 284 pages. .5 margins, 12 pt Book Antiqua. Art by Eilidh and JayEm.

Stories included:

Savior - 1st person POV, Daniel wakes up and wonders who's the stranger taking care of him

Ambush -Daniel walks into an ambush

Hush -A new planet with possible ties to ancient Minoan culture finds SG-1 in trouble once again and Daniel struggling to understand what they have done to offend the locals.

A Matter of Pride -An unexpected ally leads the team into danger

Watching His Six by JoaG and DebA -After an unfortunate round of accidents at the SGC, Daniel's friends vow to get to the bottom of his bad luck. Could it really be true that Daniel's depression over the death of Sha're has resulted in suicidal behavior or is something else going on?

Marauders-Jack and Daniel get caught up in a native fight to survive. While trying to stay alive and help the people, they are forced to fight a deadly foe... and each other... just to survive

Airless -Based not long after 'Need', the team encounter a planet where the breathing air isn't always taken for granted

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