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    This is a special treat for our Ancient's Gate readers. Reader's Choice is exactly what it says, the best of SG1 slash picked by the you the readers. It's a nine volume set of 80-100k plus word zines containing previously published online works by some of your favorite authors. Each story will have at least 3-5 pieces of art tailored to the individual story. Some have also been re-edited. Zines are web formatted with 11 pt Book Antiqua and .75 margins all around. Special thanks to Cheryl, Kelly, Carlyn, Lisa, Annie, Lyn, and all the artists (Lyn, Cheryl, Annie, and JayEm).And even more thanks to all the nominators who so tirelessly worked to help find these great stories and the nominees who granted their kind permission to include their wonderful work.

    (Available now)

    It's possible more stories will be added in the next few days - a couple volumes are a little shorter than I'd like. Suggestions are welcome. ;)

    Volume 1 - 82197 words, 208 pgs

    Generally Speaking – Ankh
    Homecoming – Brenda
    Daniel will say anything – Starglyph

    The Sound of One Cricket Chirping – Carlyn

    Swept Away – Carlyn

    Another Road Taken - Belladonna 

    Gordian Knot – Wordgeek


    Volume 2 - 104650, 253 pgs

    All sad words - babs
    Cave-in – Lady Ra
    Found Out About You – Byrne
    Fall into Evil – Zoodenizen
    Captivity’s Consequences – Mad Elf Banger
    Nefarious – Elfin 

    Sensory Overload - Joag


    Volume 3 - 113967 words, 264 pgs

    Private Universe- Berty
    Algidity – Joag
    Echoes – Cowardly lion
    Miracles in Bloom – Devra

    Everything - Wordgeek


    Volume 4 - 132592 words, 309 pgs

    (this volume contains scenes of violence and non-consensual sex)

    Someday - Sid (non-con)
    Slaves – Puff and Ruffle (attempted non-con)
    Duty or Desire - Imagine (non-con)
    Hook – Kalimyre (non-con)
    Fated to Be - Sistine (non-con)


    Volume 5 - 124686 words, 275 pgs

    The Scrapbook – BlueLotus
    Relearning - Jillie
    Thorn in my Side - AnnieB
    Perspicacity – Kalimyre

    Maybe it was Memphis – Princess of Geeks


    Volume 6 - 118005 words, 274 pgs

    Thanks be to the Ancestors - Darcy
    Origins - sistine

    Wanted – DebiC
    Lareina - Joag

    Take a Chance and Roll the Dice


    Volume 7 - 88324 words, 210 pgs

    Substitute for Love – Ankh
    What if God… - Marcia
    A Dirty Dozen Reasons – Mystic
    Inexorable – Sugar
    Hope/Faith – TheGrrrl

    Crystal Rain – Joolz


    Volume 8 - 80863 words, 190 pgs

    SGA The Planet Time Forgot - Reona
    SGA Wraithkillers – Lady Ra


    Volume 9 - - 125006 words, 295 pg

    (this volume contains scenes of violence and non-consensual sex)

    Perfect Setting – Circe (attempted non-con)
    Sinner’s Grove – Martha (sexual violence/rape)

    Servi XY13 – Sideburns (non-con)


     Note: A request was sent to all nominees. In some cases, emails on stories were no longer valid, in others, the author declined. I did my best!


    Downloadable version of the full multi-volume set in PDF, sent as individual files for easier download.

    $25.00 Worldwide

    *Download instructions will be sent by email once payment is received.


    Multi-volume set on one CD in PDF

    $28.00 US
    30.00 USD Canada & Overseas


    Or if you just want a couple volumes:

    Individual volumes - 8.00 Indicate which zine you want in notice section of order process
    Individual volumes on CD, US - 12.00 Indicate which zine you want in notice section of order process
    Individual volumes on CD, CA/Overseas - 17.00 Indicate which zine you want in notice section of order process

    Print Zines

    Print zines are exactly like the downloadable ones except interior art will be black & white due to cost and labor constraints.

    Individual volumes, indicate which zine you want in notice section of order process

    $39.00 Worldwide
    50.00 Canada & Overseas

    Special Price for full set in print

    230.00 US
    275.00 Canada & Overseas


    *Print zines are available for delivery to some conventions which saves postage. Please contact me if you're interested.

    *All prices include shipping and handling. Please allow up to 2 weeks for domestic and 4 weeks for Canada/overseas delivery.

    **Hotmail users contact me if you don't receive your download information within 24 hours. If buying multiple zines, contact me for postage adjustment.**


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