Ancient's Gate 1: Jack & Daniel

This 271 page slash compilation includes stories from some of my favorite writers. Babs, Devra, Eos, Graculus, Imagine, Joag, Nancy, Sideburns, and even one by JayEm. Each story includes a minimum of 3 pieces art created to illustrate the beautiful words. Stories range from PG13 to NC17. Single spaced, indent formatted with standard margins.

Story summaries in contents order:

Miracle upon Miracles by JoaG - A series of events leave Jack and the team thinking Daniel is dead. Unfortunately those same events have a seriously injured Daniel thinking the same thing. Can he find the will to recover once they're reunited?

Feverish by Imagine - A shot of alien spring water releases a few of Daniel's inhibitions, along with Jack's repressed desires.

The Drake Equation by Eos - Jack and Daniel are taken captive by aliens and dropped off on an apparently deserted world to fend for themselves. Survival is just the beginning of their journey in this novella length story.

Straight on 'til Morning by babs - The aftermath of the events of Evolution cause Jack to do some soul searching about why he's been distancing himself from Daniel since his return.

In the Dew of Little Things by JayEm - Daniel is faced with a challenge only he can possibly win, and Jack learns something he knew all along.

Compromising Positions by Devra - Jack misinterprets Daniel's actions and walks out just when Daniel needs him most. Can they get beyond the misunderstanding and find their way back to one another? Novella length.

Believe in Miracles by Nancy - Jack's refusal to act on his feelings almost drives Daniel away. Can Jack save their friendship and maybe give them a chance at something more?

Enkiddu by Graculus - What if Jack had said yes to Daniel's offer of ascension in Abyss? What if they both crossed the line that got them tossed out of Oma's band? What if they got tossed in different directions?

What Once Was Broken by Sideburns - It takes a desperate situation to make Jack see what he really wants. Novella length.

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