AG17: Better Days

For those not aware, babs and some others have been working for some time on a zine for Joag's birthday. It was completed on time and delivered to Jo on the day (happy birthday, hon), at which time she offered the stories for an AG zine. With permission of the authors, I’ve taken that zine and added on the stories I’ve had waiting to go into the next two regular zines (some for months now) to create this combined gen/slash zine. I’m hopeful that clearing the slate will help get things off to a fresh start in the new year.

This 236 page zine features a mixture of gen and slash stories from Devra, Taylyn, Lunar, babs, Lyn, Annie Booker, Nancy, Fabrisse (2), Sistine, and Eilidh. Art by Lyn and JayEm and a sketch from Wilma. Each story includes a minimum of 2 pieces of art created specifically to illustrate the beautiful words (unless requested otherwise by the author for spoiler purposes). Stories range from G to PG13 (Nancy's would be NC17. Web formatted with .75 margins, 74603words

Stories in contents order:

Forever and a Starbuck's Run By Devra - Love takes many forms (slash)

Where Honor is Due by taylyn10  A gen team fic set in season three: a gift for JoaG on her birthday.

Identity Crisis By Lunar - With Jack hostile and uncommunicative, Daniel doubts his place on the team. (slash)

Trusting Starlight By Babs - It's all up to Daniel. (gen)

The Cost of Need by Lyn - Getting over the addiction isn't nearly as difficult as forgiving himself (gen)

Memories By Annie - Some memories you never forget. (slash)

Memories and Consequences by Nancy - After an incident off-world, Daniel carries a heavy burden alone. (slash)

The Major Problem by Fabrisse - Major Sheila Pierce meets Major Davis (gen)

Psalm 150 by Fabrisse - Captain Sheila Pierce is completing her training to be the Chaplain at the SGC.  Her first night on another world is spent watching the sunset with Teal'c.

One More Chance By Sistine - Tag to Moebius.  Daniel doesn't want any substitutes for his Jack so how will Alternate-Jack deal with that? (slash)

Feudal Lies by Eilidh17 - Lord Yu has plans for Daniel (gen)

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