Ancient's Gate 4: Recognition

This approximately 371 page slash and gen compilation contains stories by Corby, Tivester, Nancy, Joag, babs, Fabrisse, Eos, Jmas and JB. Each story includes a minimum of 3 pieces of art created specifically to illustrate the beautiful words. Stories range from PG to NC17. Web formatted with standard margins, 133,229 words.

Stories in contents order:

Moving on Up by Tivester - How Jack's promotion scene in New Order could and maybe should have played out. (Gen, PG)

Shai by Joag - A planned celebration goes horribly awry as Daniel acts true to form in the face of a grave danger. (slash, PG)

First Enemy by Fabrisse - Our Daniel Jackson is a very dangerous man. (gen, PG)

The Words We Never Say by babs - Sometimes we never say the things we should until it's too late. (slash, NC17)

Footnote by Corby - Footnotes contain stories the world may never know. (Gen, PG)

Long Overdue by Nancy Richardson - Getting there late isn't so bad, as long as we get there. (gen, PG)

The Last Laugh by Eos - Sam gets to share what she learns through the gate, why can't Daniel? (slash, NC17)

Poetry and Hums by Jmas - "Poetry and Hums aren't things which you get, they're things which get you". Like team. (gen, PG)

Tokra Don't Dance by Jb - Daniel has grave misgivings about a planned award ceremony. (gen, PG, novella)


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