Alyjude 6

Sixth in a set of volumes of Alyjude’s Sentinel stories. She’s been kind enough to allow me the honor of presenting her work in TS, SG1 and SGA as zines. Some strories revised by the author. 12 pt book antiqua, with .50 margins. 289 pages, 101098 words. Story Art by Alyjude. Cover art and additional art by Jayem.


Stories included:

Finally - Jim is alone for the Christmas holiday.
Christmas Eve - Jim is lonely.  Blair doesn't live with him anymore, but he thinks he should fix that.  Post TSbyBS
In Memory - A woman waits for news and remembers. She is soon joined by two others with memories of their own.
Slip Sliding Away - After Sierra Verde, Blair is having problems with his vision. Is he sick or is there an otherworldly explanation. Together, he and Jim find out.

The stories (okay, ficlets) contained here were written for the Moonridge Online Auction but never posted for everyone before now. Most were written to specific challenges presented to me by the winner/s. Trust me, no warnings required for any of the below - Sorry, I'm wrong, two stories require warnings so they're now marked. My apologies!

The Sentinel:

 Apology in the Sandburg Zone - A missing scene for TSBS - obligatory scene, natch, but when you're in the Zone...well, nothing is as it seems

"Bo" -: A costume party - and Blair's costume - leave Jim speechless

Christmas Junket - Blair, Christmas shopping, and of course, something goes wrong....

Fear of Intimacy - WARNING! Some could consider this a partner betrayal - and the ending is unresolved. I AM finishing this story and will post the resolution soon. Missing scene from Nightwatch

  "Friending" - Blair teaches Jim about 'friending' and computers

  Years From Now - Blair asks Jim where he believes they'll be in five years - and gets more than he bargained for

  It's the Little Things - A missing scene (yeah, one of about a gazillion) for Sentoo

  It Happened During the Superbowl - Really? You need one? With that title? Nah.

 Misplaced - It all started (as these stories often do) with a misplace tube of lube....

  Vacation - Hello? Jim and Blair on vacation?

  Words Not Spoken - Blair's leaving - can Jim stop him with the right words? Does he even know the right words?

  A Four-Letter Word for Easy Insertion - Lube

  Blair and His Holy Grail -  The story of TS through icons

  Secrets - Explanation required:  This was originally a response to a story of Rimilod's (Dolimir) - I think it was the Birthright Series - that had Jim and Blair discovering they were brothers (via Naomi and William). She dared several of us to find a way to create a slash version without the specter of incest. In fact, she double-dog dared us. Well, what can I say? I immediately wrote "Secrets" but never posted it. When one of the Moonridge winners challenged me with a similar 'summary', I went back to it and thought it could fit - with some changes, rewrites, corrections, etc.. So this is the final product of a "Double Dog Dare You" made many years ago. Sort of.

A Series of Obsenads - These were posted to Senad back in 2002/2003. Some are as long as 5-6 pages, some only a few lines, but all in either a response to a post, an apology or a challenge....


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