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One of the many wonderful things about fandom is the community it represents. Babs was someone I got to know both from her heartfelt stories and from mutual friends. I treasure every word from her keyboard, but not nearly as much as I treasure her support and friendship. This is the one of two gen volumes by the wonderful Babs containing some of her most beloved stories. 105286 words, 282 pages, web formatted with .7 margins. Art by Eilidh17.


Stories in contents order:

A Child Called Hope - There are religious overtones in this fic. Take from them what you will.

A New Beginning - Everyone deserves a fresh start. This time it's Sam's turn.

Aftermath - The aftermath of a suicide (don't worry, nobody you know).
Author's Chapter Notes: This is my therapy story for dealing with the recent suicide of a friend's son. Parts of this are true and parts are not, but I'm not telling what is and isn't.

Always There - Daniel learns his place on SG-1.

Darkness - An off-world accident has Daniel questioning himself.

Finding Home - Daniel's home but things are still a little rocky.

First Watch - As the team takes turn on watch on a very early mission, they ponder where they are and where they are going.

Hero Worship - Jack lies near death with Daniel accused of attempted murder. But who is really responsible?

How to Make Friends and Influence Aliens in One Easy Step - Daniel comes up with a plan. Doesn't he always?

Leap of Faith - Things go wrong on SG-1's first mission after Daniel's addiction to the sarcophagus.

Like Friends, Like Family - Off-world, the team needs to define their places in each other's lives.

Living on the Edge - Sam's responsible for a mission gone wrong.

Meaning of Life Stuff - A missing scene and tag to The Fifth Race.

More Precious than Gold - Daniel's surviving teammates are falling apart without him. They need him back.

Next Best Thing - Sam needs to get Daniel out of a bad situation.

Old Friends and New Beginnings (with Darcy)- In a reality where Daniel lives on Abydos with Sha're, he and his family choose to help an old friend recover from a serious injury.

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