Devra 1 Gen

This 264 page gen zine contains 8 wonderful gen stories told in Devra's own inimitable style. .5 margins all around. Includes art by Eilidh, cover art by Eilidh. 114378 words.

The Sum of the Parts by Devra and MajelB - First person POV of the fallout of a mission gone wrong, with the aide of one of the five senses to assist in their viewpoints.

For All to See by Devra & MajelB - SG1 has encountered several situations in which they were misled to believe that various intricate deceptions were, in fact, reality? the Gamekeeper's planet, Hathor's base? What if pne such deception turned out to be a little more... long term?

Menace Within by Devra - The scene in the gate room left too much unfinished...too many things left unsaid. The majority of words in Daniel's journal come from a wonderful song called "Full of Grace" by Sarah McLachlan
Climbing the Summit by Devra - A close friend points out the obvious to one clueless Colonel 

Vows by Devra - The lives of SG1 as viewed by another.

Rule 2 - The team has forgotten a few very important rules

Resistant to Change by Devra - Jack has an epiphany regarding a member of his team.        

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$8.00 Worldwide

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E-Book on CD in PDF

$12.00 US *
17.00 USD Canada & Overseas

Print Zines

Print zines are exactly like the downloadable ones except interior art will be black & white due to cost and labor constraints.

36.00 US
45.00 Canada & Overseas

*Print zines are available for delivery to some conventions which saves postage. Please contact me if you're interested.

*All prices include shipping and handling. Please allow up to 2 weeks for domestic and three weeks for Canada/overseas delivery.

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