Devra 1 Gen

This 257 page gen zine contains 8 wonderful gen stories told in Devra's own inimitable style. 12 pt book antiqua, web formatted .5 margins all around. Includes art by Eilidh and Jayem. 103855 words.

525,600 Minutes – How do you measure a year?

A Watchful Eye - Season 9 Fixit- missing scene for the Fourth Horseman

Absolute Corruption - Some truths are never meant to be revealed.

Getting Left Behind - Jack learns what it really means to be the General

Holding Pattern - A peek into Daniel's teenage years

Knishing for Answers - Daniel disappears from time to time and Jack wants to know why

Lessons from the Field - A Saturday afternoon exercise in team bonding

Long Day’s Journey into Night - After Legacy, Daniel feels the need to escape

Sam’s Vacation: Hawaiian Sands - What the team will go through for one of their own

The Better to See You With - A ficlet written in the Little Daniel universe. Features a totally unaware Daniel with Jack as his guardian and Lumpy as his companion.

The Hinterlands - SG-1 and General O'Neill are offworld for a celebration when the festivities come under attack, and in the confusion, Daniel is abducted. Now SG-1 past and present must work together to track the kidnappers into the Hinterlands.

Training Mission - Expect the unexpected-Season 10 Spoilers

Forever - Daniel and Vala suspended in time (het)     

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Print zines are exactly like the downloadable ones except interior art will be black & white due to cost and labor constraints.

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