Devra 6

This is the sixth slash volume of Devra's work and includes 40 of her wonderful stories full of love, disovery, and belonging between Jack and Daniel, 12 pt book antiqua, with .75 margins. 218 pages, 79824 words. Art by Eilidh and JayEm. Cover art by Eilidh.

Stories included:

Warmth - Putting the pieces of a shattered psyche back where they belong

Mirror, Mirror - A mirror can invoke more than a reflection

One Last Gift - Daniel's descension from Oma's POV

Crutches - Daniel learns that he needs to lean on others once in a while; co-written with JoaG

All in the Name of Research - An open book test as Jack tries out his skills of persuasion

Clippings - A little bit of fluff - a lot of sappiness - and bits of Daniel's life gets swept away

It's a Tough Job - Accidents happen

Revelations - Epiphanies and revelations

Adrift - Daniel has lost more than his memory

Baggage Check - Daniel reveals a little bit of his past to Jack

Melt in Your Mouth - Self control is put to the limit

Tickling the Ivories - A follow up to "Consideration"; Daniel's realization of his love for Jack is not an easy journey

Consideration - Jack's thoughts when he brings Daniel home after Legacy

Waiting4 - Out of the Mouth of Babes; Words spoken cause Daniel to question the reason for waiting

Waiting3 - Jack's POV to contemplate his relationship with Daniel

Waiting2 - Sam's POV on her friend and Commanding Officer in the infirmary

Waiting1 - A perception of the Colonel and the archaeologist's relationship

Cold Hands - Winter rituals

Slices of Life - Title says it all

Side of Bacon - Cold day in Colorado.breakfast.warm hearts

Wake up Call - One of those mornings

Aim to Please - cowritten with MajelB: Jack and Daniel: far apart and needing some lovin'

Perfection - Jack explains to Daniel what's important in his life

Elusive Tube - Daniel's looking for something

So this is Christmas - The meaning of Christmas

Jack's Shower - Jack's shower, wet Daniel.

Not There yet – For want of a better description, Daniel has been moved from pillar to post maybe one time too many in his life

Dinner and a Movie - Dinner and a Movie

Strip Tease #2 - a Sunday afternoon in Daniel's apartment, Daniel's POV

Strip Tease #1 - a Sunday afternoon in Daniel's apartment, Jack's POV

Doctor's Orders - Two men...two pairs of flannel pajamas

Cycles - Sometimes life cycles bring you right back to where you began

Prison - Sometimes life's prison is more than just four walls - Jack's POV

Due Thanks - Daniel returns from a mission with something different than an artifact and Jack helps him put it in the right perspective

Bitten - Jack gets an ouchie; co-written with JoaG

Assessing the Situation - Daniel's attempt at assessing the situation

Car Series 4: Motor Running - Downtime for those hard working people of the SGC.

Car Series 3: What are we? - An event on earth causes Jack to examine his relationship with Daniel

Car Series 2: Mustang and Avalanche - Two days and Two Cars and Two Guys

Car Series 1: Riding in Cars with Boys - Boys and their cars...need I say more

Friday, the 13th - Jack waits patiently (?) for Daniel to return home

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