No One Gets Left Behind: A Stargate SG1 Zine for Yum@

Most of you know, I'm sure, that Anna (Yum@) of StargateFan has been ill for some time. As you can imagine, such a long term illness has been a financial stress on her and her family. A group of her longtime friends is embarking upon a fund raising effort to help her out. One such effort will be a zine in her honor. All proceeds above costs will go directly to Anna and her family to help them through this difficult time.

This is a gen SG1 zine with 281 pages and 98203 words. This zine is a very special experience full of love for one of the foundations of SG1 fandom. Stories by JJJunky, Gatejunkie, Jackjunkiie, Nancy Richardson, Tiv'ester, babs, Joag, Devra, Ankh, ChristianGateFan, Scribe, and Jmas. Art by Suzan Lovett, Jane Noriega, Maureen Middleton, and JayEm. Cover collage done from two Jesse McClain pieces.

Stories in contents order:

To Absent Friends by Annie Booker - An epilogue for The First Ones

Gym by Ankh - Daniel needs to attend physical training.

Moving On by babs - Daniel is having difficulty coming to terms with what Hathor
did to him -- and the rest of SG1 is not much better off on that score.

Ez Ozel by Charli Booker - If you think you've learned all there is to know about something,
you haven't. If you think you know someone, you don't.

In the Eye of the Beholder by Scribe
- Vala is up to something, and in the process learns more about Daniel than she bargained for.

The First Summer After by Jill - Daniel meets a new friend the first summer after.

Momma Said There'd Be Days like This by Tiv'ester - It's just one of those days....

Assistance Rendered by JJJunky - Sometimes the cure is worse than the problem.

Testing Boundaries by Ankh
- AU version of Divide and Conquer. Jack cares more than he should about all of his team.

Luck o' the Irish by Jackjunkie - Sometimes all the skill in the world can't beat help from the wee folk.

No Pressure by Joag - SG1 fights to save some of their own

Long Day's Journey into Night by Devra - Following the events of Legacy, Daniel needs to be alone. Only...

Monochrome Reflections by Kathy Agel (poem)

Wake Up Call by Ankh - Sometimes you need to be needed

Goodbye is Not Forever by Nancy Richardson
- Daniel says goodbye to his grandfather and Jack is there to help.

Eggshells by Gatejunkie - Trust can be fragile

Point Taken by ChristianGateFan
- Jack and Daniel are uncomfortable around one another after the events of 'Shades of Grey'. Will a mission gone terribly, painfully wrong help or hinder their attempt to resolve their differences?

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